UNNATURAL CAUSES is inequality making us sick? HEALTH EQUITY research topics and resources to learn more
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Seven learn-by-doing experiences to help you discover the underlying causes of health inequities in the U.S.

The pattern of air polluting industrial and transportation sites sprinkled across Manhattan tells a tale of long-term, deep-rooted injustice. In this interactive, explore patterns in the social determinants of asthma that are undermining children's health. This interactive is found in Unit 1 of Roots of Health Inequity, a web-based course for the public health workforce.


YOYO Health yoyo health

Half of all the health care dollars in the world are spent each year in the United States. So are we healthier as a result? If not, what do healthy countries have in common that we don’t? See how the U.S. scores in the worldwide competition for best health.


A Tale of Two Smokers a tale of two smokers

If you were told you had to quit smoking and lose 20 lbs., how easy would it be for you? Follow two people as they attempt to lead healthier lives, and learn how the choices you make depend on what choices are available.

The Perfect Neighborhood The Perfect Neighborhood

What comes to mind when you think of a healthy neighborhood? What does it take to make a neighborhood more healthy? Find out why conditions in some communities might be less favorable to health than others and what can be done to change them.

Health Equity Quiz health equity quiz

Test your knowledge of health equity! How does the U.S. stack up against other countries on key indicators? How do groups in the U.S. compare to one another? Are the conditions that shape our health as simple as what we eat, what’s in our genes, and whether or not we have good medical care?

The Perfect Neighborhood The Last Mile

We all want to live a long, happy life. So how can we improve outcomes and change unequal social conditions? Play this fill-in-the-blank game to spell out a vision for the long term and learn about policy ideas along the way.

Accumulating Advantage Accumulating Advantage

How do racism and class status get under the skin? How simple is it to just "brush off" experiences with racism? Try this exercise to measure what you are able to take for granted (or not) in your life, and learn how these relate to health.