UNNATURAL CAUSES is inequality making us sick? HEALTH EQUITY research topics and resources to learn more

The United States is one of the richest, most powerful countries on the planet. Half of all the health care dollars in the world are spent each year in the U.S.

Are we healthier as a result? If not, what do healthy countries have in common that we don’t?

Select a chart to see how the U.S. compares with other countries on a few international measures. Then read the conclusion to learn what it all means.


Economic writer Jared Bernstein coined the term YOYO (“You’re On Your Own”) to describe societies that leave citizens to fend for themselves to gain resources, opportunities and consequently health. A better alternative, he suggests, are WITT (“We’re In This Together”) societies that invest in the common good and take a shared approach to solving problems.

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Life Expectancy at Birth

Gross Domestic Product

Annual Health Expenditure

Children Living in Poverty

Smoking Rates

Infant Mortality

Income Inequality