UNNATURAL CAUSES is inequality making us sick? HEALTH EQUITY research topics and resources to learn more

About exercise: Children living in poverty are several times more likely to be obese. When there's no safe place to play or exercise, people are not only less healthy, they are more isolated. Kids who stay indoors a lot are also more likely to have asthma and be exposed to higher levels of lead and other toxins.
“I hate to exercise and it's hard to find the time! 

My company has a discount on gym membership, so I decided to sign up. The gym has a free personal trainer, so it's been helpful having someone guide me on my goals.

I'm trying to work out at least twice a week. It's hard to feel motivated, but my company had a nutrition fair where they helped organize gym buddies across departments. 

Otherwise, I try to take the stairs at work instead of the elevator, and I bought some equipment to use at home.

It's still a challenge to make the time and stick to it, but I think I'm getting there.”



“Exercising isn't easy when I'm sitting all day at work and drive my car another hour to get home.

It's not like there are any gyms in our neighborhood. Can't do classes with my schedule. We probably couldn't afford it anyway.

And where I live, it's not a real nice place to be out, especially after dark.

It's hardest on the kids - playgrounds are rundown and school programs have all been cut back. 

But I'd rather have them sitting in front of the TV than out on the streets getting into trouble. We can't supervise them all the time, because we're working."