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About stress: Chronic stress is a function of the demands in your life, their predictability, and your access to the resources needed to control them. If we can't manage the conditions that threaten to upset our lives, our body's systems remain in a constant state of alert. Over time, this wear and tear can be toxic, increasing the risk of early death and disease.
“Reducing stress . . . now that’s tough!

I try to take lots of breaks and leave work behind when the day ends.

My company offers flex time, so some days I go in early or stay late, and others I'll take it a little easier.

I have a lot of responsibility at work, so that's hard but I can usually see what's coming, make decisions, and bring in support if I need it.

On weekends, we do chores and errands but try to relax and have fun too. We'll go up to the mountains maybe once a month. When the kids are on break, we'll do a big vacation every year. A couple of times we've gone away by ourselves for short trips.

I definitely need that chance to recharge once in a while. I don't know how I'd manage otherwise!”
“High stress is my way of life.

When I have a really bad day at work, it's hard to let that go. Dealing with traffic, dispatch, lots of people, all of that.

We live in a small apartment - five of us in a few rooms. Heater's broken, the landlord won't fix it, and my youngest has asthma so we take her to the emergency room a few times a month.

I worry about my kids - they're growing up kinda on their own, and this neighborhood is a tough place. Schools are bad and society's telling them they just don't matter.

We're working hard, sometimes two jobs, but it seems like there's never anything left over.

When I need a break I go out for a drink with my buddies but that's it. Sure I'd like to take a vacation but who's gonna pay for it?”