UNNATURAL CAUSES is inequality making us sick? HEALTH EQUITY research topics and resources to learn more
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Annual Health Expenditure per Capita (PPP US$)

NOTICE how the U.S. compares with Sweden, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Hungary. Why might our health care costs be so high?

If the U.S. spends so much on health care, why are we so unhealthy?

We spend more than twice as much per person on health care than the average of other industrialized countries – 16% of our GDP in 2006, expected to climb to 20% by 2016.

The sicker a population, the greater the health care costs. Our medical system may be the best in the world, but it can only repair ailing bodies, not address the underlying causes of disease and illness.

Data Source: United Nations Development Programme 2007-2008 report (based on 2004 data) »



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