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Using the Series to Advance Health Equity

Public policy change is critical to achieving health equity. But how can organizations use the series to educate, organize and advocate for changes that will make a difference?

This toolkit provides facilitation tips, background, sample agendas, and guidelines for planning an effective screening – one that not only deepens understanding of issues but serves as a step towards further involvement.

NOTE: This toolkit is meant to be read linearly, from beginning to end, before you schedule your event.

Download PDFs

Entire toolkit (2.2MB) »

Cover, Table of Contents, Letter from the Executive Producer, and Using the Series (365KB) »

Background (585KB) »

The Series and Public Impact Campaign
What Is Health Equity?
Ten Things to Know about Health

Before You Begin: Three Steps (739KB) »

Step I: Build Internal Consensus and Capacity
Step II: Develop Clear Goals & Objectives
Step III: Define Your Audience and Opportunities for Action

Planning Your Event (368KB) »

Types of Screenings
Episode Descriptions
Messaging: A New Story
Highlighting Promising Policies and Initiatives

Practical Tools (419KB) »

Tips for Ensuring a Productive Discussion
Logistics Checklist
Sample Agendas
Resources & Acknowledgements

Related Resources

Handouts and Tools »
Handouts, backgrounders, event planning tools, and publicity materials for your event.

UNNATURAL CAUSES Discussion Guide »
Suggested pre- and post-viewing activities, comprehension and discussion questions for each program, and activities to encourage audience participation.

Economic and social policies that can make a difference, and some key organizations working to make them a reality.

UNNATURAL CAUSES Health Equity Speakers List (PDF)
These leading health equity researchers, practitioners, and advocates contributed to the series and may be available to speak at your screening, panel, or other event.

Advocating for Better Policies (PDF)
A detailed resource developed by the Praxis Project to help your organization plan and implement a strategy for policy change.

Planning for Media Advocacy (PDF) »
Also developed by the Praxis Project, in-depth advice on how to frame your message, tell your stories and get coverage; includes a media advocacy glossary.